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Paper coupons are cool again

Story By Sally Herships | Marketplace The mailbox has gotten to be a pretty lonely place. But a growing group of marketers is discovering that all that room means it’s a great spot to get consumers’ attention. After all, email can get labeled as spam. Online ads can get hit with blockers and marketers need […]

How Often Should You Send Marketing Emails?

Story By Renzo Costarella | There’s no magic number. Find your sweet spot. Timing is of huge importance when it comes to email marketing. With click-through rates (CTR) as low as 2 percent for some industries, one of the best ways to improve results is by scheduling your emails and knowing how often to […]

Marketing Matters: Direct appeal

Story By Linda Riddle | The Barnstable Patriot Junk mail – the bane of our mailboxes: The unsolicited, uninvited, unwanted pitches and promises that usually travel a direct route from mailbox to trash bin. But sometimes the mail brings new and intriguing offers, reminding us that direct mail, a traditional marketing tool, can be a […]

Direct-Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead — It’s Immortal

Story By Bruce Swann | Adobe Digital Marketing Blog Some marketers consider direct mail a relic of the past. Advances in mobile technology, alongside digital-marketing strategies, mean we can reach customers anywhere across a variety of digital mediums in real time. With capabilities like that, why would you even consider boosting your direct-mailing efforts? Well, […]

Email marketing in the age of social media

Story By Scott Heimes | Marketing Land Which is better: email or social? Columnist Scott Heimes explains why it doesn’t have to be one or the other; your email marketing and social media efforts should go hand in hand. Social media has firmly cemented its place as a vital marketing tool and has evolved to […]

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